About Us

Established in 1990, as a family business, Intership has been at the heart of the Offshore Accommodation Market in the Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Mexico, South East Asia and West Africa for the last 25 years.

About Us

The company has offices in Singapore and West Africa, key personnel in Europe, running a fleet of 4 vessels utilizing a crew of 200 persons.

Senior Management have over 4 decades of operational experience in the marine and offshore sectors. The company has positioned itself as a provider of high quality, cost efficient customized accommodation solutions.

Origins of the business were trading tugs and barges in Europe during the 1970's then expanding to operations in Middle East and Asia during 1980's. It was from there that Accommodation and Work barges became a specialty of the company after owning various Rigs and Construction vessels.


Intership is the owner and operator of a fleet of accommodation work barges (AWBs) supporting the oil and gas industry.

AWBs have traditionally been used wherever there is a need for additional accommodation, engineering, construction or storage capacity offshore. AWBs are employed to support the following operations, engaging in all stages of the oil field lifecycle:

  • Exploration support including Seismic Surveys
  • Offshore Hook Up & Commissioning
  • Platform Construction Support
  • Offshore Maintenance
  • Platform Decommissioning
  • Offshore Acommodation

AWBs can be positioned alongside installations, or in central locations where they act as field operation centres for maintenance of groups of platforms and structures.

Our fleet
  • AgipAgip
  • BouyguesBouygues
  • ChevronChevron
  • CooocCoooc
  • elfelf
  • etpmetpm
  • ExxonExxon
  • HeeremaHeerema
  • McDermottMcDermott
  • PemexPemex
  • SaipemSaipem
  • SedcoSedco
  • ShellShell
  • SonangolSonangol
  • TotalTotal
  • UNUN
  • US NavyUS Navy
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